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No hassle

We help you to focus on your business goals, not on figuring out the technical stuff. With a full online business system at a reasonable development cost without IT administration hassles.


Business Catalyst is an all-in-one business website and online marketing solution. Using an unified platform and ready-to-go functions we can offer you an amazing website, powerful online store or a lead generation mini-site.


Business Catalyst offers a powerful reporting suite for every aspect of your online business – from web page views through to online store orders. With build-in tracking tools you record every interaction customers have with your site – no extra tracking code required.


No more headaches about uptime, server updates or having installing the latest patches — our expert team takes care of that. Because we're fully hosted and managed, you and your clients receive all system updates automatically.


The BC team and Partners continu build new modules and functions (using web-standard code). This enables you to implement your website strategy. Your online platform will grow, just like you business.

All you need

We deliver a turnkey solution that includes Content Management, E-Commerce, Customer Database, Built-in Email Marketing, and Reporting/Analytics.

Flexible, hosted content management

A one-stop approach to content management that takes the hassle out of technical stuff.

Send targeted email

Easily create targeted recipient lists and send personalized email marketing campaigns.

Integrated customer

Record customer data by their online store orders, blog comments, forum posts, contact forms, email newsletter engagement, and more.

Powerful reporting
and analytics

See the big picture of your site, and slice and dice the data however you’d like to drill down into your business performance.

A powerful online store, built-in

eCommerce capabilities built right into the platform to set up a powerful, SEO-friendly online store.

Integrated with...

Payment Gateways, Shipping Providers, Social Media, Dynamic and Extensible Modules.

Global Overview

  • Website
  • E-Commerce
  • CRM
  • Email Marketing
  • Analytics

Quickly and easily update your website

View your website as the visitor does - and change the content immediately. Click and edit your pages, with full access to the HTML code.

Professionalism through consistency

Thanks to the template-building your corporate identity is maintained on every page you create or edit. Thus, maintaining a professional look and feel on every page.

Online = Social

Have your business does not slide. Write and manage an unlimited number of blogs, forums and RSS feeds. Keep your customers up to date and let your business benefit from their ideas and reactions.

Who sees what

Make a secure part of your site by giving your customers unique login details. Keep private information protected or offer your customers value in a paid environment.

Organizing is no art

Use Modules to manage news, bookings, photo galleries and FAQs. Or use the App Wizard to structure the information the way you want.

Sell ​​what you want

Create an unlimited number of products, and organize them in catalogs. You can even offer eProducts to download.

Professionalism through consistency

Thanks to the template-building your corporate identity is maintained on every page you create or edit. Thus, maintaining a professional look and feel on every page.

Audience Marketing

Your data is automatically stored in the integrated CRM system. Customer’s journey on your site will be stored to keep track of history with orders and actions so that you directed an e-mail campaigns.

Simple Shipping

Out of the box integration with FedEx, USPS, DHL and more allows you to ship your products worldwide. Offer your customers a range of payment options with the support of an ever growing list of Payment Gateways.


URLs that are suitable for search engines ensure your website is found. Search Engine Optimization is a piece of cake, by automatically generated XML files.

Measure your success

Powerful reporting and analysis tools give you insight into the popularity of your products, unfinished orders and more. So you know how your website works and why.

Know who your customers are

The integrated CRM logs all interactions with your customers. This will create a unique profile and history built up. You can also import any customer database via Excel spreadsheets.

Track your customers live

Your online business shows a live feed of customer actions on your dashboard. Once a customer opens a newsletter, fill out a form, buying a product, etc., their actions in real time are shown to you.

Create automated workflows

Aim automatic SMS and e-mail messages so you can draw attention to important events your customers. You can ensure that workflows are activated at any time.

Easy management of customer details

You manage your customer details from a single user interface. Monitor and control cases, orders, access privileges and subscriptions with ease.

Target group-oriented

Set target lists together based on information obtained from each segment of your website. Such as order-history, filling out web forms, forum membership, comments on blogs, and more.

Reach your customers

Send over 10,000 emails per month through an unlimited number of personalized email marketing campaigns.

Automate your campaigns

Professional and personalized e-mail campaigns can be automated. Consider preparing a series of newsletters sending at intervals, or even sending a link to specific events such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Standard template, or design

We offer a range of specific email templates for your industry or special occasion. Piece by piece to adjust so that it fits your goals and desires. Send a beautiful and effective newsletter with a few clicks

Keep your finger on the pulse

Our system has important statistics so you can understand every facet of your online business. The accessible dashboard helps you to make rapid and effective decisions based on solid information.

No hassle with add-ons

You do not need to waste time or money struggling with code or add-ons for your website. You have 'on the fly' control over the out-of-the-box functionality itself, thanks to the extensive support.


Settle into your Director chair. Get a complete overview of how your business is going through a series of charts and reports that brings forth at any time you. You can see at a glance who visits your website and their interaction.

Measure, Evaluate, Grip

When you need to make important decisions, you must be well informed. Our system will help you so you can take these confident because they are based on solid analysis and reporting.


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